Care for your board

Care for your board
  • Never soak in water or allow it to sit in the sink
  • Hand wash only (the amount of heat and water a dishwasher uses can damage your board)
  • Hand dry thoroughly
  • A separate board should be used for raw meat
  • Store in a dry area
  • Avoid extreme temperatures
  • Oil with board butter or food safe mineral oil regularly to retain beautiful color and water resistance (recommend at least monthly, more frequent with heavy use)
  • Do not use vegetable oil, it can spoil on your board.
  • To deep clean
    • Wipe down with Vinegar followed by a wipe down of Hydrogen Peroxide to disinfect. Do not allow to pool or soak into the board.
    • You can also rub a lemon half over the board to remove any odors. Lemon juice can be used, but should not be allowed to pool or soak into the board.
    • Once dry, make sure to follow up with a fresh coat of mineral oil and/or beeswax